The women’s march in DC

I was so sick and I couldn’t march. I had planned on going, and taking her with me. I thought, “she needs to start learning about being out in the streets to fight for our rights, to fight for change.”

But I was too sick. Instead, we sat at home while I nursed a terrible cold and she played patiently by herself. Scrolling through facebook on my phone, I saw many videos of the march and an overwhelming number of pictures. I called her up next to me and showed her picture after picture and sign after sign. She was a big fan of all of the colors. We also made a point to look at the groups of people and to be race explicit. I wanted her to see and to know that this march was a good thing. But that I was worried it wouldn’t center the voices of queer and trans women of color.

We decided to watch the videos on the television and I pulled up the speakers she would know by name. Angela Davis was on screen and she recognized her from one of her favorite books, “Rad American Women.” I told her “we are no longer accepting the things we cannot change, we are changing the things we cannot accept.” – Angela Davis

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