“If, then” podcast

This is a great podcast and I recommend it for a listen. One of the speakers, Eroc, is a friend and a (r)evolutionary parent.

In this podcast, he is unpacking the complicated components of punishment with two other men. It is three men talking honestly about how they want to step towards the world they envision as parents.

I’ll let you listen. But I want to speak to one part that struck me so importantly. That our parents are three dimensional. That they parented with what they knew, then learned and strived for better in their parenting. That now we get to take their gifts of experience and build on that in our own parenting, moving even closer to the world we want to see for our children.

And most importantly, this means that we are three dimensional too. That we are also learners, teachers, legacy.

I would love to chat with any and all who listen and want to talk more. Feel free to comment below or send me a message here.

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