Every moment

The baby wakes me at 5:30am most mornings. Today, it was 5:34am, an extra four minutes of overdue rest.

After 1st breakfast, (I call it this because it’s impossible to not eat again until lunch at noon) we sat down to relax. He was a bit tired and squirmy, so when this happens I turn on whatever news or nature show will help him be still as he prepares for his first nap.

Today, we watched humans rescue blue iguanas and pygmy three-toed sloths on the 1000 Days for the Planet series.

A commercial came on and I heard it say, “What’s happening to men in America? We’re being robbed of our masculinity, that’s what.” I looked up and it was a commercial for a testosterone supplement.

It then said, “We have less testosterone than our fathers, and even less than our grandfathers, threatening everything from libido to energy to strength and performance,” and further calling it a “full on vitality crisis.”

Staring at the line graph showing the downward trend on the TV screen, his little eyes staring too, I quickly rebutted, “You have all of the testosterone you need, and so does mommy.”

The commercial then went on to speak to the outcomes of the pill, stating it will help you to “to rule in the bedroom.” I quickly responded with, “You never need to rule in the bedroom.” Then I kissed him on his head.

He’s 7 months old. Yes, so maybe I should be careful about the TV, but it was a show on improving the planet, being better humans. And yes I could have changed the channel or even turned it off, but I didn’t. Instead, I got to this message first because I sat with him and we heard it together this morning.

Today…this morning…after a cisman swimming in his own entitlement with his good ole boys made it to the top of the judicial power list…I got to refute all of this by getting to this message first. His little body heard from the person he trusts the most that he needs none of that. That his body is built perfectly, he has all that he needs. And for the first time, and certainly not the last, he heard someone tell him that he doesn’t get to rule anyone sexually.

Every moment folks, every moment counts. Now on to explaining to my daughter that we’re on the trajectory towards a shift in her ability to rule her own body, both in the bedroom and in the doctor’s office.

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