Ready, Jet, Go

My kid watches PBS every morning. This is mostly because we don’t have cable and it’s the only kids show on in the morning. But, it’s also because both we and she love the shows. Sure Daniel Tiger is whiny, and Pinkalicious is a name I didn’t know existed, and Thomas is pretty selfish. But still, it brings forth topics that we can talk about. And I trust that I can walk away, and for the most part, her brain won’t take in mindless nonsense or insensitive messages that I will miss.

This morning she was watching “Ready, Jet, Go.” It’s an odd show, but all about the universe and outer space. She has learned a ton and enjoys the banter of the characters named after random vegetables. When she was watching this morning, I heard the young character Jet (last name Propulsion), talking to his mom, Celery (random vegetable) and he was worried he was too big for a lullaby. She instead told him he’s never too big and sang him a lullaby about it. Jet is likely about 7 or 8 in the show, and I was so grateful for this moment. I have no idea the context of what caused this song, but yes! We all deserve a lullaby every once and a while.

I recently had a memory of my sister listening to me sing when I was much younger. My family is very musical and I am not the singer of the group. This simply means, that I’m not the record maker or the lead vocalist, by my definition of course. But I remember this moment singing to myself and I remember her thinking the world of me in that moment. When that memory came to me, I thought that we all must have a perfect voice to the right listener.

I sing to these babies all the time. I used to never sing because I was fearful of what others thought of my singing. Well my kids think I am the most perfect singer. And not because of how I sound, but because they love me and enjoy these moments with me. There are even moments when I start a lullaby and the baby bounces with joy because it’s one of his favorites.

So sing to your kids, lullabies, for as long as they’ll let you.

Ready, jet, go.

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