November astrology

These days, I think I can call myself an astrologer. I have been studying astrology for the last 3 years and have just loved every second of it. There is something in there that speaks to me, and especially in our birth charts. Here, we can see the universe at the exact moment of our birth. We can see where the planets aligned, how they interacted and what the energy of the universe was in that first breath. I see this as the energy that courses through my body.

Astrology also speaks to me because it has been substantial in my parenting. The lesson I simply work from is that each of my kids is their own artistic work of this universe filled with a completely set of different energy than me or my partner. And you can compare the charts between parents and kids to see where there could be hardships, help, or even mergers in their energies. You should look too. And if you want, I can look. Check out my astrology page here or my Etsy shop here.

But to get back to astrology, one area I have not studied quite as much is the current day astrology. So, I’m learning. And I recently learned something that I want to share. Right now, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are on their way to a major conjunction where they will meet up in Capricorn – taking place in the earlier weeks of November. Pluto is the planet that makes us see our perception of power and the abuse of power. Jupiter is about the law, philosophy, and expansion. Saturn is about constriction, slowness, and rules and boundaries. Capricorn is a sign of practicality, austerity, and responsibility. The last time this exact setup happened was in the 1200s, when the Knights of Templar fell.

The Knights of Templar were known for their extreme policies and distribution of fake news. And, it was after their fall that the evangelicals moved into West Africa…thus, resulting in the starting interest of the capture of Black hostages to be sold to the rest of the world. Mostly in this county we live in, on stolen land, filled with fake news, extreme policies, and regular doses of inhumanity.

So why am I sharing this? November feels big because astrologically it is huge. November has the potential to define us. To set a course that can completely change the future for us. So I just keep waiting and wondering, what will this humanity choose? I know what I have been working towards. Hindsight is 2020? Right?

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