About Raising Justice

I am a writer, poet, creative, radical parent, doula, and evolutionary leader on a journey to support myself and others in navigating the complexity of this world as parents. Specifically, I want to manifest a world that uplifts the strength of what surrounds us, while reclaiming love as a core piece to our being. This simply means to re-establish that love is ours to own, not to earn or to be told what it looks like. Love, when stripped of socialization, is a place to work from our hearts to better this world for all that live in it. Parenting and caregiving is a place to center this love and to build this same experience for future generations, for whom the state of this world, this planet, threatens their very existence.

Thus, I believe that we must educate our kids on all aspects of this world including justice. I also believe it is our role to disrupt the information received by our kids that may be harmful to themselves or our world. As disrupters, we can move towards evolutionary change and take our children with us. “Raising Justice” was born from this notion, this desire to share experiences with others, in the hopes of others doing the same. My work is continually expanding and you can find more writing and other projects on my Patreon page at www.patreon.com/kellybwarner. Join me in creation, as together in community, we can change the future for our children. Together, we can change the present for us.

My daughter and me

More About Me:

I am a white, cisgender, straight woman married to a white, cisgender, straight man. Together we are raising a white, cisgender girl, a new baby, and one furry pup. My ethnicity is Scandinavian, Native American, Scottish, and English. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

I have been working in the field of sexual health for 15 years and in racial justice for four years. I recently left my day job to focus on my writing and have spent the last several months building, creating, and looking to what’s next.

As I journey, I remain grounded in what has brought me to where I am today. Most recently, I oversaw a program that provides comprehensive sexual health information and reproductive health services. Racial justice is and was an integral piece to the work, as one cannot do sexual health work without applying a racial equity lens. I also provided consulting support to programs on integrating racial equity into their organizations, which included training groups on the impact of racism on health, leading from a racial equity lens, and utilizing racial justice framing. I additionally provided support to other white folks through coaching, mentoring and facilitating affinity spaces. Nearly two years ago, I participated in a leadership retreat where I was gifted the experience to center myself and my purpose. I found that all of my work and experiences are woven together with the aim to change the system we live in by uplifting what this earth has to offer in lessons, nourishment, and guidance.

Today, I am focusing on writing – most specifically on my experiences as a parent, but also on my navigation of self-growth in practicing both my values and deep love out loud. Recently, I began work on a workshop series for others who are parenting or are considering parenting and have begun writings towards a book. To learn more about this work, please stop by my Patreon page at www.patreon.com/kellybwarner. Here you can read more, learn more, and even become a patron of my work while earning fun rewards and discounts.