I am a radical parent, doula, educator, writer, creative, and evolutionary leader. For nearly 15 years, I worked in the field of sexual health where I connected with schools, community groups, and other community leaders on how to uplift the voices of youth and to provide accurate, honest, and comprehensive information. Within this work, racial justice was and is an integral piece. Thus, I began to provide trainings on the impact of racism on health and to support to other white folks through coaching, mentoring and facilitating affinity spaces.

A few years ago, I participated in an evolutionary leadership retreat where I was gifted the experience to center myself and my vision for this world, alongside a community of people filled with love, intention, and connection. It was here that I came to fully understand how the world moves forward with chaos, for evolutionary survival. And that we as humans can create our own evolution by simply shifting our interactions and how we show up.

Throughout this journey, I also became a parent, twice. As I looked into their little eyes filled with wonder, surrounded by a world filled with chaos, it all started to come together for me. I started to write about my parenting and growth, and this is how the blog Raising Justice was born.

Soon after, it felt clear to me that living in a work world focused on prevention was important but was not encompassing of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to parent. I left my job and started to write more and to create opportunities to connect with other people on radical parenting. Radical parenting is simply the notion of doing it differently. And with the understanding that the messages we provide and intentional conversations we have can change this world for them and for us. 

After the birth of my second, I became a birth and bereavement doula which is a doula who supports people through all trimesters of pregnancy. And now, I am a Certified Birth Educator. I belive that the moment of birth is profound and I want to fill in the holes that currently exist in the industry of birth – to be a support person, an advocate, and a source of energy to love the parent(s) through their birth experience.

I also love the language and study of astrology. We are all born with a birth chart that indicates the energy of this world the moment we come earthside. It felt essential and important to consider the exact moment of chaos and wonder in our earliest moments of life. Thus, I started to study astrology and how it can enhance my parenting. The impact has been amazing and I hope to share this work with other parents. 

As I continue to journey, create, and parent, I have found that all of my work and experiences are woven together which has culminated in where I am today. It is in the moments of pregnancy, birth, and parenting where my loving energy of connection thrives. And also where I hold a larger vision to change the system we live in by uplifting what this earth has to offer in lessons, nourishment, and guidance. Because in a world of chaos and wonder, must evolve.

To learn more about my personal values check out this blog post.