Birth Education Classes

A birth educator is someone who provides a comprehensive overview of labor, birth, and the systems we birth within. The purpose of birth education is to provide you with the information needed to make decisions for your birth.

I believe that all births are good births. And, I also believe that the system we birth within is biased, unjust, and fails birthing people all too often. Birth education is one step towards systemic birthing justice.

As a Certified Birth Educator, my job is to provide you with the information you want and need prior to giving birth. These courses are designed to empower birthing people to make the decisions they want for themselves and their family, regardless of the system they choose to birth within. Some of the topics we cover include the anatomy of pregnancy, the stages of labor, birthing positions, comfort techniques, post-partum care, and options to choose along the way.

Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are one of this earth’s greatest intersections of chaos and wonder.

At this time, I offer two different Birth Education Courses. The first is a one-day (virtual or in-person) 4-hour course that focuses on birthing in a hospital. This is a great course for someone who knows they are birthing in a hospital and wants to learn more about the options. Or for someone who is under time constraints – whether it’s their own schedule or their estimated due date is nearing.

The second class is a six-week, in-person, comprehensive course that teaches an extended version of the hospital course, including additional details on birth and birthing location options. This course is suited for those who want to dive into the details of pregnancy and birth – and have the time to do so before their estimated due date. It’s also great for those who are looking to connect with other birthing people along the way.

I also want to mention that private courses are always available. They can include content from either course and can be taught in your own home.

Birth Education Options

A one-day, 4-hour course that focuses on birthing in a hospital. It incudes infomation on labor, birth, post-partum, pain management, and comfort techniques.

A six-week course that focuses on all birthing options. It also includes infomation on labor, birth, post-partum, and comfort techniques. The class meets weekly, in-person, for 2 hours.

In the works…I hope to add additional courses including Anti-Oppression Parenting in Pregnancy and Birth, and Birth Control Options After Delivery

Any of these courses can be taught in a one-on-one setting in your own home. With this option, timing is flexible and we can arrange what works for us both.
Pricing: please ask!

“All that you touch you change, all that you change changes you.”

Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower

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*Capitalism sucks and I am committed to finding a way to do business while also not succumbing to its values. As one step, I offer a few different payment plans and scholarships. Money should not get in the way of you obtaining birth education services. Please reach out and propose a plan and we’ll see if it works for both of us.*

Unsure of which class to take? Feel free to reach out to me at Or do none of these timeframes work for you? You can also register for a podcast version that you complete on your own time here. And/or a feeding course here.