Birth Work Services

I believe that birth is both magical and radical – that all births are good births – and that only a birthing person can know what that looks like.

Labor Doula

As a labor doula, I support birthing people in what works best for them. This can include prenatal visits, post-partum visits, and attending labor and birth. I’d love to bear witness to your magic.

Birth Education

As a BEST Certified Birth Educator, I can provide a set of workshops or individual sessions on the magic of the body, labor & birth – as well as guidance on making your birth as radical as you.


Here is a list of local providers including BIPOC birth workers, doulas, midwives, lactation support, chiropractors, massage therapists and so many more!

“Kelly wholeheartedly supported [us] bringing baby into this world and I am forever grateful. She is a rad person who is healing this world with her loving energy and social justice writing. Think of her doula services for folks in your life that need birthing, postpartum and postpartum grief support. And she does more! Check out her writings around parenting, justice and love. Kelly wrote, ‘In a world of chaos and wonder we must evolve’. That has never been more true for me. Thank you Kelly for helping me evolve.

— Kara, Salem, MA