Doula Services

“I am a birth and bereavement doula, radical parent, evolutionary leader, and writer. I believe that this world is filled with both chaos and wonder, and as people we can use this to evolve society towards our vision for the future. Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are one of this earth’s greatest intersections of chaos and wonder.”

Services Provided:

As a birth and bereavement doula, consider me a person who floats around your birth process. Not an active participant, but someone learning about your wants and needs and then working with your support team to meet these. My role is to lessen any burden for birthing parents and partners by staying in tune with your desire for resources, support, and comfort measures. Birth and bereavement services include:

Pregnancy and Birth – Here a birth package includes 1) two prenatal visits to your home or location of choice, 2) attendance at the birth, and 3) one post-partum visit at your birthing location, home, or place of choice.

Birth and Bereavement- Here a birth package can include immediate support and resources, and services will be tailored to your specific wants and needs.

Additional Love and Devotion:

I am available to answer questions and provide resources throughout your pregnancy and as needed. I am also connected with other doulas who may have additional services to meet your needs.

I am working towards incorporating an astrology component to my birth services which includes a chart reading for birth parent(s) and the new babe(s). More to come on this soon!

Important Notes:

  • I primarily serve folks in southern Maine, the Seacoast of New Hampshire, and eastern Massachusetts. This is simply for ease of access to a birth. Ideally, I service folks within a 1 hour drive of my home in southern Maine.
  • Birth can be an unexpected process and delivery does not always happen as planned. I am committed and available to support all types of birth and birth outcomes.
  • In the event that I am unable to attend the birth such as due to inclement weather, a delivery earlier than expected, etc. I will be in contact with other local doulas to step in and provide support. I will also provide dates that I am unavailable well in advance and will only commit to doula services if I am readily available during the final weeks of pregnancy.


“Kelly wholeheartedly supported [us] bringing baby into this world and I am forever grateful. She is a rad person who is healing this world with her loving energy and social justice writing. Think of her doula services for folks in your life that need birthing, postpartum and postpartum grief support. And she does more! Check out her writings around parenting, justice and love. Kelly wrote, ‘In a world of chaos and wonder we must evolve’. That has never been more true for me. Thank you Kelly for helping me evolve.” – Kara in Salem, MA

Let’s connect to talk more about my services. You can reach me here!