Holiday Community Support

This is my family enjoying a holiday evening in Southern Maine.

What are the requirements to submit a wishlist?

There are none really, just that someone is in financial need. We are not asking for income levels or documenting needs in any way. We trust you to assess your family’s needs this year and to ask for the help that will support you. This could be for presents for kids, food for holiday meals, gas for traveling to see family, or whatever will bring more joy this holiday season.

The only ask we have is that you place your requests on a registry or amazon wishlist-like setup, so others can quickly move things into their carts and send them your way.

Where did this idea come from?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen how our community steps up when people ask for financial support during the holidays. We love this and wanted to create another system to make that happen. So many of us have amazon prime or target cards that allow us to quickly order and ship things to anywhere. So we thought, why not use that same method here. We saw so much success with this in helping teachers over the summer, so why not spread the love to the holidays too!

I want to submit a list but I still have questions…

1. Do I have to share my story in order to qualify?

No, we are not requiring people to share their stories, this is meant to be anonymous. That said, people who submit a list may submit a short message if they choose to do so. This is not required!

2. Do I have to share any details about me?

Yes and no. I need you to supply me with your name and contact information so I know what to call you and how to reach you (in case the link doesn’t work or something similar). But this information will not be shared with anyone else.

3. What items can I list?

Whatever will bring you and your family what you need this year. You can list specific items or gift cards so you can shop later. Or you can include grocery stores, or gas to support your needs right now. This is your call.

4. Do you help with setting up registries?

Right now, I am not able to set up everyone’s registries as I just don’t have the time myself. That said, please still ask. I am going to help as much as I can. And can always ask others for help too if needed.

5. Where do the items get shipped to?

Directly to you. When you set up a registry, you will include your shipping address and/or email address so that when people purchase items, they will be sent to the person who owns the registry. If this does not work for you, reach out and we’ll figure it out!

I want to give but have more questions…

1. Why can’t I know who I am giving to?

Many giving programs are anonymous so we want to support that anonymity. Plus, we believe that others shouldn’t have to prove their need by a single definition when it is only they who can know what they truly need.

2. What about all of the other community programs that already exist?

This is not a replacement, just an addition. The truth is that all of the community programs are never enough. In this country, people live with a variety of incomes in a variety of towns and states. And life happens. This is an addition to the current system to create expansion.

3. What if someone is not truthful, or is scamming us?

Every year, you hear stories about this. And I can’t promise that not a single person here isn’t in some way being untruthful. But we can’t know that, no matter how I set this up. So, we trust others to do what is best for them. In some ways, the irony is that we need to trust people for them to be trustworthy, right?

More questions? You can contact me here!