Holiday Wish Lists

Below you will find a list of wish lists by members of our communities, families, and neighbors. These folks are requesting some financial support these holidays to support their families in tradition, joy, and participation. These lists are like registries, so all you need to do is add the items you want to purchase to your cart, and then it will ship to the individual whose list is it! Let’s check off these lists!

*It’s important to note that you can see what has been fulfilled by opening the list. As the purchaser, please pay attention to your emails as it is you who will be contacted in the case of a shipping error, lost package, etc.

Wishlist #1: “This is not for me, but for my daughter’s dance teacher. Her son has transverse myelitis and spent 100+ days in the hospital this summer. He continues to need intensive care and therapy at home. His story is on Caringbridge

Purchases needed by: Ongoing need

Wishlist #2: “Thank you”

Purchases needed by: December 20th