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Kelly B. Warner, MPH, CBE (She/They)

In a world of chaos and wonder, we must evolve.”

Welcome! I am a radical parent, writer, creative, doula, and evolutionary leader on a journey to support myself and others in navigating the complexity of this world through chaos and wonder. In fact, it is only under the moments of chaos that evolution can occur, and as birthing people and parents, we can use these moments to change the world towards the one that we want to live in.

And I want to live in a world without oppression, racism, transphobia, fatphobia, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, and misused power.

I believe that birth is a radical act, and that parenting is evolutionary. And they are both key pieces to shifting the systems we’re in. I want to manifest a world that uplifts the strength of what surrounds us, while reclaiming love as it’s truly meant to be – a power that connects us, rather than dismissing us or our daily experiences. In fact, I believe that love, when stripped of socialization, is a place to work from our hearts to better this world for all that live in it.

I have chosen to uplift this belief through my parenting, birth work, and education services. Parenting is place where we can teach our kids about the current systems, where they fall in it, and how to live in a way that creates change, all while repairing when we can. Birth is a place of new beginning, a place of self choices, and a place to live in our power all while doing it the way we want, not the way that the systems expect of us. 

I provide services as a birth and labor doula and as a certified birth educator. I write about my own parenting experiences and hope to eventually create community sessions to work with others. I also provide education on reproductive justice and work with other white folks on racial justice. I do none of this without a system focus, empathy, fun, astrology, and a love for all things birth and parenting.

I love you already and I hope to join you on your journey – as together, we can change the future for our children and we can change the present for us.